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Spring Festival Craft Vendor

  1. If you would like to participate in both the 2021 Spring Festival and 2021 Hogs and Hens Festival, please select this option. Includes 10 x10 space in either Livery Stable or on the Square for the Spring Festival and Hogs and Hens. Power is available to use if requested.
  2. Includes 10 x10 space, Livery Stable is just off the Square, it is a covered area and will be locked at night. Power is available to use if requested. Due to limited spots (30) if full you will be moved to the Square or Trinity Street
  3. Includes 10 x10 spaces on Square or on Trinity Street. Other activities on the Square will be food vendors, rides, and live music. Limited power is available if requested; the cost is $25.00 extra. Limited to the first 40 spots on the Square if full you will be moved to Trinity Street
  4. Checks can be made payable to: Abbeville Spring Festival Mail application with Check to: Abbeville Spring Festival Emily Bledsoe, Special Events Coordinator PO Box 40 Abbeville, SC 29620
  5. Deadline for registering is April 16th, 2021. Vendors are encouraged to sell locally sourced and handmade items. The City reserves the right to make last minute location changes to due to extenuating circumstances. Allow yourself enough set-up time to ensure you are ready to to open. If you will only be attending Saturday, please advise us on the application. The Festival reserves the right to ask you to leave if your booth does not fall within the guidelines of our Festival.
  6. Depending on COVID-19, additional safety measures may be required for vendors at the Festival. These changes will be communicated to vendors as soon as possible.
  7. I understand the Abbeville Spring Festival reserves the right to reject any application. I realize that I am responsible for my booth, arts and crafts I am selling. I hereby release the City of Abbeville and the Abbeville Spring Festival from any claims of injury or damages resulting from my participation in the event.
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