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Festivals and Events

  1. Alcohol Zone Application

    Alcohol Zone Application

  2. Farmer's Market Information Request
  3. Hogs and Hens Food Vendor

    Hogs and Hens Food Vendor Form

  4. Road Closure Request

    Form to request Road Closure for City Sponsored Events

  5. Spring Festival Food Vendor

    2020 Spring Festival Food Vendor Form

  1. Christmas Parade Application

    2019 Abbeville Christmas Parade Application

  2. Hogs and Hens Craft Vendor

    Hogs and Hens CraftVendor Form

  3. Livery Stable Information Request
  4. Spring Festival Craft Vendor

    2020 Spring Festival Craft Vendor Form

Incentive Plan Forms

  1. Business Incubator Application

    Business Incubator Application

  2. Existing Business Grant Application

    Existing Business Grant Application

  3. New Business Grant Application

    New Business Grant Application

  1. Energy Efficiency Grant Application

    Energy Efficiency Grant Application

  2. Historic District Building Improvement Grant Application

    Historic District Building Improvement Grant Application

  3. Statement of Economic Impact due to COVID-19