Public Notice - Garbage and Trash Collection

Public Notice

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City of Abbeville

Garbage and Trash Collection Procedure

Garbage and Trash Procedure:

  • Roll Carts: Are for garbage, editable waste and other misc. small compactible items. Do not place concrete, cinder blocks, logs, and other heavy items in them. Do not place unpackaged waste into the roll carts. Upkeep of roll carts is the responsibility of the owner.
  • Recycle Bins: Should only have recyclable items (plastics, paper, & cardboard). No glass.
  • Electronic Devices: Computer, televisions, and other electronics should not be placed in the roll carts, but taken to the County centers. One is located at 135 Mt. Olive Church Road Extension. Phone: (864-366-0650). Do not dump electronics on the side of the road.
  • Trash: Waste such as grass cuttings, limbs, trimmings, wood, small metal and appliances will be picked up by the boom truck.
  • Paint Oils and other Liquids: Must be taken to the County Recycle Centers (Mt. Olive Church Road). Do not place in roll carts, recycling box, or the side of the road. These liquids will leak onto our roads and will create a mess.
  • County Recycle Centers: The County has placed an annual charge of $47.50 for all County residents to use the recycling centers. Use them for these specially listed items and get your monies worth.

Thank you.

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