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Hogs & Hens Mullet Pageant

  1. What Category are you competing in?*
  2. Give you mullet a name.  This will be used alongside your actual name during the pageant.  Make it a good one - you only have one shot to make a first impression.

  3. Check out our list of 10(ish) mullet styles and compare your gorgeous mane.  Let us know which one you think best describes you.  This will help our judges know what look you were aiming for and judge you accordingly.

  4. Please upload three photos of your mullet with the upper chest through the top of the mullet visible. Glasses, bandanas, etc. can be used in the photo if it adds to the personality of the mullet. By uploading photos you agree that the City of Abbeville may your your photos or likeness on social media and any other marketing avenues without compensating you.
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  6. By signing electronically I indemnify and hold harmless the City of Abbeville and all of its sponsors, supporters, and councilmen from any claims arising from my participation in the Hogs & Hens Mullet Pageant.

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